For 6 years company IRRIGATOR has been the provider of high quality equipment for irrigation technologies from world leading manufacturers on the Ukrainian market. Today IRRIGATOR offers more than 10 000 types of products for the most popular and progressive irrigation systems in agriculture and landscape.

 Volumes of our sales increase every year, in particular due to numerous contracts for exclusive deliveries to Ukraine market. Owing to strong relationships with our partner, we can always offer competitive prices.

 The company presently has approximately 30 employees and conducts business in all regions of Ukraine.

 We are proud that we can help our customers to meet the challenges of technological advance, to raise their awareness in the latest achievements in irrigation and to work more efficient  by using new materials and technologies.

 We supply quality irrigation components for keeping landscapes and lawns of the Ukraine green and growing and recognize the social importance of our business.

 IRRIGATOR offers a broad range of products and constantly expands its variety of goods and is developing strategies to bring the next generation of products to its customers.

 Our specialization:

-           Automatic irrigation systems;

-           Drip irrigation;

-           Micro-irrigation;

-           Water filtration systems;

-           Control and automation of irrigation;

-           Pest Control;

-           Landscape lighting.


Driven to provide first class products and supported by  a professional team, IRRIGATOR is a point of reference for dealers, wholesalers and retailers in all segments of the market, from agriculture to gardening and landscaping.

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